Small Moleskines You Can Buy!

A few new Moleskines that I made today. You can buy them here.


Notebooks / Journals

A few moleskines I'm selling with my original illustrations on the covers. Each and every one of these was done with a Sharpie and no rulers or pencils were used to create these - totally freehand dude.


Coffee Sleeves

What can I say? I drink a lot of coffee and I will doodle on almost anything.


Worky Worky

Here are a few paintings I've been working on. Some are old, some are new. Some are close to being done and some are no where near the finish line. Enjoy.


New Poster for Sale...

New poster for sale here!

11" x 14" art print of original black and white illustrations on archival cover stock coated matte paper.

Digitally printed in a limited edition of 50. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist (Debbie Clapper).

Looks great in a black frame with a white matte.

Poster ships in shipping tube.

gneural online shop


"Growth" Black & White Illustration Series

"Growing 1", "Growing 2" and "Growing 3".

You can purchase these through my online shop here, here and here.


Linocut Print for Periodic Table Project

I created the above linocut print for this Periodic Table Printmaking project.


A Few New Paintings

8" x 8" / acrylic & paint marker on canvas


First "Live" Painting

So this is the first live painting I've ever done. I had, oh, about 25-30 minutes to complete this. It's 36" x 36" - which is pretty large for me. I'm going to finish it in the comforts of my home one of these days.