Vote for my skis!

I'm part of a contest SKI Magazine is holding - VOTE for the skis I painted for the Art of Winter 2012 exhibit (if you like them) and I just might win a trip to Deer Valley. How fun would that be?! Vote for my skis via this link if you dig em: www.skinet.com/ski/content/art-winter

Below are pics of the skis.


Art of Winter Skis - process shots

I just finished up a custom pair of skis for Something Independent's upcoming Art of Winter exhibit. These babies will be exhibited alongside skis/snowboards by these other [amazing] local artists:
Kyle Banister
Elsa Carenbauer
Troy DeRose
Jake Ender
Alex Geittmann
Amanda Gordon Dunn
Mike Graves
Andrew Hoffman
Mark Hollenbeck
Chris Huth
Jon Lamb
Ian Leeming
Scot Lefavor
Pat Milbery
Jed Norfleet
Todd Resley
Dave Sheets
Jon Strieby