My Biggest Drawing to Date

Whew! I've finally completed my biggest drawing to date. I spent somewhere around 22 hours total on this baby. It feels good to have her done. The drawing is 29" x 22" and the paper is a light blue printmaking paper. No pencils, rulers or any other drawing aids were used to create this beauty - strictly hand drawn with a sharpie and micron pens. Below are detail images of the piece.

If you click HERE you can view the step-by-step process of how the drawing came to be. Granted I'm not the greatest photographer, but [hopefully] you'll get the idea.


Convoluted Pattern Repeat 3

"Convoluted Pattern Repeat 3"
11" x 17" / Sharpie and Micron Pens on Printmaking Paper

Convoluted Pattern Repeat 2

"Convoluted Pattern Repeat 2"
16" x 20" / Sharpie and Micron Pen on Museum Board

Fancy Tiger now selling my Moleskines!

Fancy Tiger Clothing on South Broadway in Denver, CO is now selling my one-of-a-kind Moleskine notebooks/journals. They have a great shop filled with clothing designs from local artists and other great goodies. I highly recommend visiting them if you are in the area.